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Family won't stop with the comments

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10-Apr-12 2:37 pm

 I found out last Friday that this is girl #2 for husband is still in shock (yesterday he said to one of his friends he is going to "sew up her vagina because he doesn't want to deal with the issues that come with girls again), barely speaking to me (like this is all my fault) and all day on Easter I have to hear my entire family talking about "ANOTHER girl...goodness, we are NEVER going to get a boy" (this is my last child)'s like NOBODY besides my friends are happy about this pregnancy now that it's a girl.....I feel delusional for praying that a penis might pop up on the scan I have scheduled for April 27th that will be at 18 weeks vs. the one I just had that was at 16.....I feel terrible, but I am starting to resent this pregnancy....I didn't want another child, got pregnant because DH wanted another child (guess he didn't live in the reality that <gasp> it COULD Potentially be a girl)....we are re-painting our entire new house that we just bought, and he refuses to paint the nursery away from the blue color it already is....I just want my life back.....

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10-Apr-12 3:17 pm

I'm really sorry that you didn't hear 'Boy' and that your DH and family are being jackasses.  Your DH's behavior is especially uncalled for.  Keep reminding him that he ASKED for another child knowing that there was no guarantee that it would be a particular gender.  Maybe you can agree on color gender neutral for the nursery?  My friends painted their baby girl's room light green.  I would tell him that keeping the room blue will only serve as a painful reminder to you both of what you don't have.

I can tell you that as much as I was devastated to have not get a boy last time around, that it's really fun dressing my girls in matching outfits. I really hope that things get better for you and that everyone's attitude changes as they bond with your little girl.

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10-Apr-12 5:31 pm

 Your husbands comment about sewing her up is really odd and concerning, as is the rest of his behavior. This is his daughter, a human being, and he's relegated her to nothing more than body parts. He sounds like he has EGD. You need to talk to him about getting counseling.

I'm sorry no one is happy for you. Two little girls sounds really wonderful to me. A good friend of mine has 3 girls but the youngest two are really close in age and they're best friends. It's the sweetest thing ever.

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