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UPDATE: Tomorrow's the day...

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10-Apr-12 2:12 pm
It's another boy. I am heartbroken. Made it out of the building but cannot stop sobbing. Can't see to drive so pulled into a parking lot. I just don't understand why some of us are destined for heartbreak.

Well, I go tomorrow at 15+2 for an elective ultrasound to try to see gender. I haven't told my husband and I'm going alone.

I don't dare ask anyone to pray that it is a girl - because, well, it is or it isn't and I don't think prayer will change it t this point. Stick out tongue If it is, then there will of course be much rejoicing and a massive pink explosion at our house because I'm going shopping. We're talking pink balloons lining the driveway, pink streamers in the trees and bags and bags of pink, purple, flowered, polka dotted, ruffled, bowed and bejeweled madness. Happy LMAO

However, if it's another boy like I think it is, then I just have three wishes Pray:  to thoroughly enjoy my girly plans afterward (pedicure, makeover at the Lancome counter and a massage), to get past the worst of the GD by the time our "real" ultrasound comes along so my DH doesn't have to see my disappointment and, most of all that I will be one of those lucky ones that never really thinks about it again after this LO is here.  I know I will love him more than anything, but this is our last one for sure.

So, please, fairy godmothers, wave your wands and grant me my three little wishes?  


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10-Apr-12 2:23 pm

 GL tomorrow hope you hear pink! X

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10-Apr-12 2:25 pm
Sending you all my pink dust which apparently is all I have! GL tomorrow!
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10-Apr-12 2:26 pm
Gl. Have my pink dust!

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10-Apr-12 3:15 pm

 Good luck on hearing PINK!!!

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10-Apr-12 3:33 pm


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Good Luck Clover 

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10-Apr-12 3:41 pm
Good luck. I hope you get the answer you are looking for.
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10-Apr-12 3:43 pm
great attitude and good plan but how will you contain yourself if its pink, will you tell him you know?

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10-Apr-12 3:46 pm

Fingers crossed for hearing pink! Update ASAP!



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10-Apr-12 4:03 pm
good luck tomorrow!

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10-Apr-12 5:19 pm

Thank you for all the well wishes. It is so amazing to have this support community. So, so amazing. I would not have made it with DS1 without this forum and y'all have been great with my preemptive strick against GD...when I don't even friggin KNOW what I'm having yet. Hearts

And haha, Ilovebeingpregnant! I will NOT contain myself if it is a girl. I will shout my "sin" from the mountaintop - and he will be so THRILLED himself, that he absolutely won't care.(And  I'll spring for the DVD so he can't be too mad he missed it.) I'm serious about the balloons lining the driveway and the streamers in the yard. Pink cake for dessert, too. 

I mean, we've been together almost 9 years. He knows how I am - and when/if I finally tell him what I did, whether it is because I find out it is a girl and I spill the beans, or I finally confess weeks/months/years from now (death bed confession?) - he will get over it in about ten seconds. Actually, he will laugh and say he suspected as much. I'm a sneaky little monkey! I mean, I'm the middle aged woman who still hunts for her Christmas presents...he has to stash them at friends' houses or put them in his safe deposit box. Happy ROFL


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I never wanted boys - was hoping for Baby Bear Girl in 2012, but I'M TAKING WHAT I'VE GOT! Heartbroken

"If you want to hear G-d laugh, tell Him your plans." - Yiddish proverb


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10-Apr-12 5:24 pm
GL tomorrow, I hope you hear girl!

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10-Apr-12 6:08 pm

 HeartHeartsHeartsHeartsHeart Pink your way!! GOOD LUCK!

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10-Apr-12 6:49 pm
You're too funny. :)  Good luck tomorrow!!!

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11-Apr-12 7:17 am

GOOD LUCK!!!!  Your "pink explosion"  sounds like sooo much fun, I want to come shopping with you!Happy ROFL

if it is a boy, it sounds like you and your partner are wonderful people with a great relationship and you will support each other well.  Two brothers are wonderful too!

Hope you hear PINK!!!Hearts

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