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any rainbow babies after a stillborn?

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10-Apr-12 12:46 pm

We lost our sweet little Joshua at 32 weeks, due to a full placenta abruption in 11/2010 and are currently expecting again, due 10/2012. Although we are excited, we are reserved with the fear of having to give this baby back, as well. 

I did a lot of praying and counseling before we conceived and was actually shocked when a pregnancy test came back positive, after a blood test 2 weeks beforehand, saying no baby.

I do see a high risk OB this time around, and so far so good. I have great pregnancies until I hit my magic # of 32 weeks. My first son was born emergency Csection at 35 weeks, but stopped growing at 32 weeks (due to pregnancy induced hypertension, pre-eclampsia) He spent 9 days in the NICU and hasn't slowed down since. He's now a happy and healthy 5 year old.

 Does anyone have any success stories after a loss to share, to help the positive thoughts?

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10-Apr-12 10:33 pm

i didn't have a stillborn but my baby died after 2 hours. i went in for my 20 week u/s and they said my cervix was short and funneling. which i blew off but then i started contracting and i had my baby at 22 weeks. she was born alive and kicking but so so tiny. only 15 ounces. she lived for 2 hours. they said my amnionic fluid had somehow gotten infected, so my body just got rid of the fluid and there was a baby in there too.

   we got pregnant 4 months later. we swayed for a boy but got twin girls. one didn't survive past 6 weeks but her sister thrived. she was born at 37 weeks 7lbs 14oz. she's such an angel, no she won't ever replace her sister but she's a blessing. i too saw a high risk ob and everything turned out great.

   this time im again seeing a high risk ob but my cervix isn't holding up after so many babies so close together. but im 28 weeks tomorrow and so far baby is doing well. im hopeful i can make it another 2 or 3 weeks at least. my best advice is to think positive and do everything your doctor tells you to do. yes it was very scary to get pregnant again and i totally understand your fears, its normal but im glad i did it, my baby is healthy and happy and i can't imagine my life without her.

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11-Apr-12 8:22 pm
I am so sorry for your loss.  Pregnancy after a loss is so hard.  I still worry every day.  Best of luck to you and I hope you have a perfect pregnancy.

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10-May-12 6:03 am
My rainbows are now 8 months old. We had iVF after tubal ligation in 09. Got pregnant first try, twin girls. Had a sub chorionic hematoma from the start. Led into a complete abrupt ion at 18 weeks 3 days and we lost them. Hardest thing in the world. Did frozen transfer which was a bfn. Did another fresh cycle and little me are the light of my life. It was very scary the whole way with them. I prayed more than I ever did in my life during that pregnancy. My kids helped me with my broken heart as is, but these two boys came and brought sunshine back into my world! You will make it mommy!

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IVF#2...January 2011. PrayLord please may we get to take our baby(ies) home happy and healthy. Once again, gender doesn't matter...We just want alive, happy, and healthy! Was a BFP!!!!

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