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have you been told girl but had a boy??

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10-Apr-12 4:57 am

 hi all. im not really sure where to post, im a newbie lol. im 21 weeks pregnant with my third (and last!) child. I i had my anatmoy scan a few weeks ago and was told most likely girl. i was really hoping for a boy, and i guess i still am holding out hope of a little boy beacuse im not entirely convinced its a wee girl. but I'm not the scan tec lol.

my second child was a gender surprise baby, and while pregnant with her i became obsessed with wives tales, i know when i ovulated with #3 baby, and when we had sex, and all wives tales (apart from the ring test saying girl) says this baby is a boy. i know, not science, but yea lol.

My first scan i had a student technition say at her "best guess, girl" i then had a repeat scan a week later to get some measurements that we couldnt get the first time, where a different lady said "i can see nothing so it likely is a girl" i was never shown these 3 lines or any girl bits at either scan, basically jsut told because theres no obvious penis its a girl.

i dont even have a gender shot pic to upload. 

has anyone been told Girl but then had a boy?? i feel a bit guilty, i should be happy for having a healthy baby, which i am, but i had jsut prepared myself for a boy even buying blue to be told its a girl. i was so sure it was a boy!! 

 I have 2 children and expecting our 3rd in august. :)