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TTC a girl in Summer or Fall 2012

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4-Jul-12 12:10 pm

LTB, what you said about low sperm count makes sense to me. I really have no idea which I would think is more important. At this time I"m sticking with both low sperm count and low PH as much as I can. 

Distilled water is made by boiling, but the boiled water in the pot is NOT the distilled water! The STEAM is the distilled water. You have to catch the steam somehow. I don't think it's so easy to make at home.

Here's a how-to:

I don't think it sounds worth doing. I would rather buy it since it's not even expensive.

This morning I used an OPK (I have some that I don't like, I never got a positive on this brand of internet cheapies) and got a faint line WITHIN the time limit, and a little darker than yesterday's (same brand). The month that I used this brand I had no line at all most days and then a pale line for a few days, never a dark line. I know that HCG and LH are similar enough that a OPK will detect HCG. I wonder if I have some LH left over still from ovulating or if the test is picking up some HCG. I'm going to be using these tests on the days that I don't do a HPT. If I'm not pregnant then next month I will know that these tests have a faint line for me anyway. And if the line keeps getting darker at this time of the month, maybe it means I AM pregnant!

Today my lower back hurts. I've been so stuffed up, it's awful. Maybe I'm getting a cold or something. Ugh. 

Kats, how are you doing? How are your symptoms? Still there? Any new ones? You test tomorrow, right?

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