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TTC a girl in Summer or Fall 2012


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25-May-12 1:15 pm

Well, I hope the pains stop for you, and you get your answer soon,if this attempt worked! Thats good to know with the ph, Mine has been inthe 4.5-4.8 rage, and has crept up alittle the past 2 days to 4.9 so I dot know if that means O is coming or not, my opks have been -. I worry about doing the 3 day cut off, and then it changing on me to where is surprises me sooner, or waits too long,  but even if I keep ph low throughout, I know 2-1 day cut off sways boy, but wouldnt the ph being low still help even if it did happen sooner? I also, have not had ewcm, this whole cycle it has been dry-creamy..I had some stress hit me today..I walked into my boys room after walking outside for a few minutes talking to our neighbor, and I find crayon all over the wall above my youngest's bed, and the floor! How do you keep stress down when you see that?!Doh!

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