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TTC a girl in Summer or Fall 2012


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23-May-12 9:31 pm

Ponytails,you did do alot!! Way to go!! Ive been eating strawberries and oatmeal with milk, and equal...Kat I dont think Truvia sways girl, my firend had told me to get Equal, since thats the sweetener that has aspertame in it.., lunch, I have a bowl or plain greek yogurt,equal, and either raspberries or strawberries, and whatever we are having for dinner, that night I try and "sway it up",lol.. I drink 1-2 big glasses of milk a day, I glass of natural cran juice, and throughout the whole day a total of 2 liters of CL,great value brand, plus all the supps, Im trying to watch the moon phases as well..Id like to know abut the OJ as well, and Im having a hard time finding bread with calcium in it:(

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