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TTC a girl in Summer or Fall 2012


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22-May-12 8:14 pm
Ponytails Im sending prayers up for you! I was actually going to the store to buy rephresh Kat, and my friend texted me and said, "dont buy rephresh, go with replens",lol.. so I did, it seems to keep it low so Im going to try it with that for now..Kat good luck!! I am taking OPK's everyday, and waiting for O... I went to the moon website, and while I was looking at all the signs I completely forgot which signs sway girl! it Taurus,Pieces,Scorpio,Cancer,Virgo,Gemini?? Im thinking my O will be sometime between this friday and next tuesday so we will see, The last time we did the dtd was on my birthday(May 20th), so I think that puts us in the boy zone for swimmers, but hes taking LR and the amountof his output has really decreased! One more question..Ponytails maybe you can answer it?..I thought that we wanted to keep our ph really low..(4.0-4.5) for the first 4 hours after dtd...thats when I plan on monitoring it and taking a sudefed 1-2 hrs before BDing, and a 1/2 app full of replens about 30 min. before, then monitoring it, and using a tiny amount of replens at the VJ enterence as needed...but if I wait until after that 4hr mark, and just put it in the entrance then wouldnt the swimmers all be gone up farther , and the replens is virtually useless, or by keeping your ph low in the cervix work its way up into the U, and also helps the swimmers??..Thanks Ladies..Im getting pretty nervous! Ponytails Im throwing alot of pink dust and prayers your way!Pray

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