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TTC a girl in Summer or Fall 2012

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24-Apr-12 3:47 pm
OMG! what an amazing sway story - ok i'm sooo following this lady! & her name izzy?? my lil girl if my dream does come true will be called izzy & indigo/violet are my fave colours! is that a sign or what!!! Good Luck Clover Baby Girl

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to post the link of the sway that I just love!  Mia followed the diet relgiously and she had her little girl just a couple months ago.  After looking at all the sway and successes on IG, this is the one that stuck out the most to me.  I am trying to use this sway as my guide.  I believe the only idfference is that my DH will not take supplements.  And I am hoping that this will be okay, but I have seen a LOT of successful sways where the DH didn't really do anything.

I thought you all might be interested inreading her sway, so I have posted the link below.


2006 Baby Boy, 2009 Baby Boy and Pray to ttc Baby Girl!!