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Could of I done better at my girl sway attempt??? :-(

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9-Apr-12 10:23 am
Hi ladies, just looking back over my girl sway and wondering "maybe I could of done a better sway" keep beating myself up on this.... but I did a 4-5day cut off with having my bloods done for ovulation tracking, hubby hot baths, no caffine, lime and vinegar douching just prior dtd, super shallow missionary position with no big O, upped my vitamin C and drunk loads of cranberry juice but took no other supps! And it's boy #3???? what was your girl sways that failed? I'm thinking I Just could of done better and maybe gotten my girl :-( this really sucks and can't get it out of my head that it's just all my fault.....

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9-Apr-12 12:02 pm
HI, I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I too am expecting DS3.. in like 6 weeks! I can't believe it. I had really beaten myself up in the beginning about whether or not we could have done a better sway.. especially since I thought our O+12 attempt could have been better a couple hours later but DH had to go to work so last second we just went for it.. mind you, I wanted to do a cut off, but went for O+12 after 2 months of unsuccessful attempts with a cut off and reading about more successful O+!2 attempts.. so of course when we heard boy I was so upset with myself for being more concerned about having the baby before summer then just waiting another month. But you see, you did a cut off.. and are having a boy.. so that really just makes me wonder. We took all the supplements, did the diet, drank tons of cranberry and I had nutrasweet too. And we also failed. I think some people are more likely to have certain genders? Or maybe it really is all just a crap shoot.. either way, there is nothing we can do about it. The only thing keeping me going is knowing that if the void still feels so extreme, then maybe.. a big maybe, we can try again? I'll be 38 after this baby is born.. so I'm not sure really how likely it is.. but I'm keeping it out there as an option!! Either way, I think it's so exciting you are having a healthy baby who made it through all the low ph levels! Think about it! Maybe he was just meant to be? I can't figure out how we had another boy.. the only other thing I'll throw out there for me is that I was stressed out about not getting pregnant.. so maybe my stress levels just added to boy territory.. that and getting the timing right etc.. I tried to stay calm, butI"m just not so sure I succeeded.. either way, these babies are coming.. and I think our boys that we have will be thrilled to have another brother.. and at this point you can't do anything about what has happened. Just focus on the positive if you can.. it really helps me that mine is an active little thing inside.. i'm getting super excited to meet him.. sure.. I still wonder, hey, what if they made a mistake? Imagine maybe they'll say girl when the baby is born.. but really I know this is another boy.. and I have embraced it for what it is. I think once we are out of the baby stage life will go on and maybe the wanting won't be as strong? I just hope my sons have a better relationship with me then my DH has with his mom, that's for sure!!! He never calls her.. ever! Hang in there.. you are going to fall in love once your little guy is born!

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9-Apr-12 12:21 pm
I think you did awesome! Almost identical to what worked for me 2 times. Try to relax and just be now...I know that's really hard. I was always a wreck too b4 finding out gender. Sending ~hugs~ & PINK vibes!!

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10-Apr-12 12:25 pm


I think you did awesome! Almost identical to what worked for me 2 times. Try to relax and just be now...I know that's really hard. I was always a wreck too b4 finding out gender. Sending ~hugs~ & PINK vibes!!

Janeinga, I know you just meant well, but that just beats me up. I'll be honest;  why did it work for you and not for me!!??

But Superwomen, I'm not sure if you already know the gender of your baby, but reading your post it seems like you're expecting your third boy. Just like me, and believe me, I did a hardcore sway! I did exactly the same as you, three months of hardcore dieting (followed the diet on this site without cheating, maybe a cup of coffee once in a while), the hot baths, the shallow penetration, 4-5 days cut off and paid lots of money to this woman who calculated my eggcycle, and gave me these dates that gave me a 90% change conceiving a girl (attracting girls ions). So I was convinced I was pregnant with a girl, and just imagine how shocked I was finding out I was pregnant with another boy?!?! When I asked the lady for my money back, she gave it back to me right away, she was also convinced I was pregnant with a DD and didn't understand where it went wrong. So my little boy went through tons of superlow PH, resisted tons of girlions and hung in there for almost 5 days just to reach the egg first. It's amazing. I'm very sad it didn't work out for me, and went through the process in my head 100 times wondering where I went wrong, but I just think that some people only can make boys. Or if that's not the case, I'm just comforting myself saying that there must be a reason for him to come to this world. It's the only thought that helps, because I know that I did everything I could to change the odds, just like you did.

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10-Apr-12 3:24 pm
Oh honey ((hugs)) you think it's your fault because you believed you could control it in the first place... It not your fault, you just get what you're given. Honestly, I have read stories from too many people on here like Scandinavian mother that really swayed so hard that I just don't think you can really rely on anything but HT. I think it's typical mummy mode to blame yourself though, please don't. I keep telling myself "don't waste time in what could've been" and I honestly think I've told myself enough times that I think it has sunk in.
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10-Apr-12 5:36 pm

we had the exact same sway and im having a boy. this time i threw all the swaying crap out the window and just enjoyed my sex life. we had a 14 day abstiance ( new baby at home) when we did it was a 5 days before O and again o+12 but i thought i was past the danger zone. i had a uti so i was taking tons of cranberry. also had a head cold so i was taking sudifed and vit c. bcp's when i remembered. no caffine, no red meat, no breakfast. lost some weight. blah blah blah.

   honestly the only thing i can think of is dairy. dh is addicted to ice cream and i wouldn't let him have any. so this time there was no dairy for him or me. i love love love whole milk, the fattening kind, no skim milk for me, i want to taste milk not water.and this time i was trying to lose some of the baby weight so i cut out my daily milk. i really think relaxing helps, enjoying your sex life helps and dh swaying helps alot.

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10-Apr-12 5:43 pm
I'm so sorry. I miss read the original post and didn't realize superwomen already found out gender. superwomen ~hugs~ I thought you had just swayed and were questioning if it worked or not (otherwise never would have posted). I was approaching 40 (favors girls?) and only let dh deposit a small amount of spermies, (did the v&w douche right before) and jumped around like a mad women for at least 15 minutes after.

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17-Apr-12 8:30 am
Thanks ladies for your thoughts on my sway attempt! I'm starting to think that 0+12 would of maybe got me my girl! So frustrating that I didn't research that method prior to doing our sway :-(
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