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12 Weeks 2 Days - What do you think?

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6-Apr-12 11:05 pm

 Hi all. I'm new to the site, but have found a lot of great info. I had my 12w2d ultrasound a couple of days ago, and wondered what you all think?

Thanks :)


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6-Apr-12 11:09 pm


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6-Apr-12 11:20 pm

The is the same as the first pic, but I uploaded a edited (color) one first.

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6-Apr-12 11:38 pm

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7-Apr-12 12:34 am


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7-Apr-12 1:22 am




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7-Apr-12 2:39 am

 Def boy!

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7-Apr-12 4:29 am

 Def boy!

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7-Apr-12 5:41 am
Does look like a boy :)

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7-Apr-12 1:21 pm

 Im thinking girl.

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7-Apr-12 2:24 pm

Thank you everyone for your input, it is greatly appreciated, and keep the opinions coming!!

WMB, may I ask why you think it's a girl? Are you seeing something I am not?

Thanks again :)



 Im thinking girl.




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7-Apr-12 3:25 pm


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7-Apr-12 3:32 pm
awwww baby boy xxx

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7-Apr-12 7:08 pm
I also guess Baby Bear Boy GL!
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8-Apr-12 4:57 am

 I think Baby Bear Boy, the nub has got a good angle to it :)

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