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Baby development help.

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9-Apr-12 3:27 pm
I actually refused this with my daughter as this assesment is supposed to be done around 12months, but for some reason they have changed it to between 7/8months... my daughter wasnt sitting unaided at 7months and there is NO way i would expect a baby to be standing up at that age!! All babies develop at different stages and health visitors(who absolutely do my head in!!) do more harm than good!! My youngest daughter is 12months old and I have 9 of the delightful creatures. My youngest walker was 9months old, yet my little girl isnt walking at 12months, doesnt mean that she is behind or slow, it means that she is developing at her own pace. They are all different. Trust me as a mum of 9, I have forgotten more than they have ever learned, lol... Let yr little man go at his own pace, and for what its worth, my 13 yr old son has ADHD, ODD and autistic traits and was walking at 11months... yr son will do it when he's good and ready... xx

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