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What are your triggers?

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14-Apr-12 3:51 pm

Weddings (and I'm a photographer, so I go to lots of them.) Especially the daddy daughter dance.  Not sure why that makes me emotional since it would be my dh dancing with a daughter not me, but for some reason it always makes me cry.

Older adult women with their moms makes me sad.  When people talk about how they want their mom there with them after having a baby but would feel uncomfortable with their MIL.  Negativity about MIL's in general!  (For me I think the long term things are harder for me than just the little girl clothes/girly stuff). 

But also last week going to church on Easter and seeing all the little girls in their pretty dresses was so sad.  I just wanted so bad to be able to go pick out 1 dress for a little girl and not have everything always be dress shirts and ties. 

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