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Boy or Girl - please guess :o)

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5-Apr-12 7:47 am

Hi All,


I am posting on behalf of another mum-to-be. Please can you have a look at this scan picture and tell me whether you think baby is a girl or boy?


I'm leaning girl, but the spine is quite curved, so wonder if there might be room for error. The scan was done at 12 weeks. What do you think?!

Full-size image

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5-Apr-12 8:28 am
Bump! Happy Smile

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5-Apr-12 8:57 am

Baby Bear Girl 

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9-Apr-12 6:09 am
Girl :0)


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9-Apr-12 2:21 pm


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9-Apr-12 2:24 pm

i guess girl

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9-Apr-12 3:09 pm

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9-Apr-12 3:25 pm

I also guess Baby Bear Girl! GL!

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