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Nini's 12+1 potty shots - This MUST be a boy...right? Coldwater, Nicholerh, would love your opinions

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7-Apr-12 6:40 am
My girls are praying for a boy this time. For my second I really wanted another girl cause I don't have a sister and always wished i had one..but with the third i wanted a boy and actually swore up and down that's what it was but nope that was my third princess..even though she is pretty tom But now I am really HOPING that this is my boy cause were done. I am 35 i will be 36 when I give birth, I can't keep going plus this is actually #6 for my hubby as he has 2 sons already so hopefully this will even us Good luck to us both on our little guys! BTW I posted a new pic in my post but not sure if it's anything??? can you take a peek for me :)
I have Baby Bear Girl Baby Bear Girl Baby Bear Girl princesses and really hoping for my prince Baby Bear Boy but if it's another Baby Bear Girl she will be loved just the same<3