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I had my baby boy

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5-Apr-12 2:49 am

My second child, - a second boy - is now a bit more than a week old and I and I am completely in love. I look at him and cry of happiness that he is my child and he arrived into this world safe and sound. Not a hint of GD anywhere, since I got him in my arms. 

The people who previously made stupid comments about me having another boy, also seem happy for me now. 


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5-Apr-12 3:12 am

Heart lovely news! Big congratulations! Heart


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5-Apr-12 3:42 am
Baby Bear Boy Congratulations, Mary and Jane. It is impossible not to love a new-born baby. Your older boy is blessed to have a brother. Happy

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5-Apr-12 4:09 am
Congratulations. I love a happy ending and there is nothing like the joy of two brothers together, it just gets better and better XX
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5-Apr-12 7:36 am
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5-Apr-12 7:52 am
Congrats on you're new little one Happy Smile


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5-Apr-12 10:12 am
Baby Bear Boy Congratulations, Mary and Jane. It is impossible not to love a new-born baby. Your older boy is blessed to have a brother. Happy
yes, congrats from me too. i bet his big brother is so happy

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5-Apr-12 11:42 am

 Yay thats great news, I am 38 weeks and awaiting my 2nd boy, I can't wait to meet him, love him already

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5-Apr-12 11:56 am

Congrats on your 2nd boy! Brotherly love is so beautiful my sons are inseparable Love Ya!

Almighty God & Creator, grant that my body may conceive and give birth to a beautiful, healthy daughter to love and bring up in your ways AMEN

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5-Apr-12 1:41 pm

 Thank you for your post and congratulations.


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5-Apr-12 5:26 pm

Mary and Jane:
Not a hint of GD anywhere, since I got him in my arms. 

awwww Heart this is exactly how I felt when I had my baby boy Heart Im so happy for you x

a gorgoeus Baby Girl and a little Baby Boy Heart I'll never let you go xxx


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5-Apr-12 6:47 pm
Congrats! Brother love is so special my boys are so sweet together

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5-Apr-12 8:03 pm
Congrats - enjoy these moments and know that you have a special boy to shower with love

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5-Apr-12 8:18 pm

 Thank you for sharing this!! Sometimes I forget how much I fell in love with DS2 after he was born.... It's so helpful to be reminded. Congrats by the way! 

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6-Apr-12 6:05 am
Congrats on your second son. My first two boys are really close, so I wouldn't mind if no 4 was a boy that way no. 3 would have a brother and hopefully the same bond.
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