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What is the BEST method in swaying for a girl?

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4-Apr-12 8:27 pm

By experiances? Do ANY of these theories work or should I save my money and PGD?


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5-Jul-12 12:17 am

I dont know if any of these methods work.  I am trying them myself.  I have already done PGD at a cost of $12K.  If you choose to save up for it then take it from me . . . whatever you think it is going to cost double it, or triple it.  It almost never happens on the first try!  And if you only budge for 1 shot then you are left more disappointed then ever because you get so close w/o anything to show for it.  Do you have any kids?  If so what are they?

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5-Jul-12 1:12 pm
sweetie i wouldn't count on any sway to give you a daughter 100%. this place is full of ladies who swayed and swayed and failed. sure try it but only if you are going to be ok with a boy. i swayed boy over and over and ended up with 7 daughters.. would you ok with 7 sons? if not then start saving for pgd or adoption.

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