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Another BOY;( Ultrasound pic 14 weeks

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4-Apr-12 2:35 pm

So I paid to have this gender scan done and oh BOY do I wish I didn't. I really thought it was a girl this time;( It does not seem like I will ever have a daughter. I am pretty upset

Ultrasound Gender Prediction


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4-Apr-12 2:59 pm

 It might be too early to tell. I've heard 14 week u/s pictures aren't as reliable as 16+ or nub shots between 11-13. ((HUGS))

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4-Apr-12 3:03 pm

Looks like a BIG FAT turtle head to me;( The only cheeseburger I will be getting is the ones at BK;( this really blows

Ultrasound Gender Prediction

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4-Apr-12 4:34 pm
I'm sorry.  Hugs Violet

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5-Apr-12 3:34 am

Sorry you haven't been told your DG.

But congratulations on your baby, lucky lady!

Let yourself grieve for what you want, but try not to let it colour the rest of your pregnancy. Keep talking through it.



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5-Apr-12 10:20 am

When I was pregnant with DD3..I was so sure she was a he. I even asked my OB if he would do my 20 week ultrasound a little early, at 18 weeks so I could find out the gender on mine & DH's anniversary. I thought what a present to find out we are expecting our first son!! WRONG. Baby girl #3. I cried & really made for an unhappy anniversary (We had the u/s done at 8:30 in the morning) I was 30 weeks before I ever found a name i liked. It was hard coming up with ANOTHER girl name. There is hope though...DD3 is now 4 months old & I couldnt imagine life without her...dont get me wrong I still REALLY want my boy..but i love her so much.

Did you sway for a girl?

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5-Apr-12 10:29 am


I think your potty shot looks really similar to mine at 12 weeks (you can find them in the ultrasound forum) I am also convinced its a boy eventhough its early x


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5-Apr-12 1:43 pm

 I'm so sorry, Lala. :( Cry all you want.


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5-Apr-12 4:00 pm

 I did the same thing, only at 16 weeks. I was so sure this one was my lil girl! Still kinda (not much) holding out hope that it still is. When they said boy, I'm thinking nope you gotta be wrong. But mind looked pretty dead on too! If this one of mine truly is another boy it makes a total for 5 for me. I know how it feels. I want my daughter sooooooooooooooo badly! 

Don't bottle up your emotions though! And know that if you ever need to talk, you have a place to come. With people who understand! 


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5-Apr-12 4:48 pm
Sorry you didn't hear Girl. The same thing happened to us.. boy at our 15 week u/s when I was soooo sure it was our girl. I was shocked. I will say that the tears and sadness did go away and I am eagerly awaiting to meet this little one in 6-7 weeks or so. I don't know if I am okay with thinking of not trying just once more for a girl.. but I also don't know if I can handle 4 boys! How many boys do you have now? Hope you are feeling better!!


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6-Apr-12 2:19 pm
im sorry you didn't hear girl but huge congrats on a healthy baby boy. mine will most likely be born sooner rather then later. im 27 weeks so im looking at months and months in the nicu, he probably won't be beathing well and they told me i might want to prepare for resisitation attempts. i know it isn't want you wanted but a healthy term baby is better then watching your child struggle for life. good luck and congrats!

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