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How much does it cost to do PGD for family balancing?

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4-Apr-12 9:43 am

I will be wanting to try for a little girl in about two years and I was wondering what the cost is for PGD/microsorting? Also is there a place that does it near South Carolina where I reside? Is it pretty effective? Any info would be great!


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5-Apr-12 4:37 pm

If you go to you can find IVF clinics. They don't always list PGD on their websites so you may need to call to find out if they offer it. You can also find out how successful they are on that site by looking at the clinics scores (for IVF). Microsort isn't available in the US anymore. But PGD for sex selection is supposed to be 99.9% effective. Below is what popped up for SC. Since I've been "trying for a year" (wink wink) and been unsuccesful, my insurance will cover my IVF cost and I just have to pay the PGD and ICSI (ICSI is when they insert the sperm into the egg, not all clinics require it) so my cost without meds is about $4500. Meds are expensive though so make sure you factor that in. And if you have insurance, check now to see what they would cover. They won't cover PGD, but see if you can get some of the IVF covered if you "have fertility issues".

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