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Newbie here!! 12 wk sonogram..Please tell me what you think! Boy or Girl???

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3-Apr-12 9:33 pm
At 12 weeks 0 days. The ultrasound told me what she thinks, now I want to here your thoughts. Thanks to all :)
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3-Apr-12 10:19 pm

Baby Bear Girl

Baby Bear Boy Baby Bear BoyBaby Bear Girl Baby Bear Girl

#5 coming July 2015 ?

No dots!

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3-Apr-12 10:44 pm

 Baby Bear Girl


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4-Apr-12 3:16 am
Girly to me
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4-Apr-12 3:17 am

 Baby Bear Girl

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4-Apr-12 3:19 am
Looks like a little girl! x
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4-Apr-12 3:29 am
Girl x

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4-Apr-12 4:20 am
Baby Bear Girl
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4-Apr-12 4:25 am
looks girly, but early x


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4-Apr-12 9:31 am

Was kinda wanting a boy (I have a 2 yr old girl), def. won't be disappointed with a girl though. Thanks for the responses so far....any boy guesses????


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4-Apr-12 10:10 am

Baby Girl!

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5-Apr-12 1:54 pm
Girl I think x

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5-Apr-12 1:56 pm

 I'm no expert, but I think girl. 


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5-Apr-12 1:59 pm
gilr guess from me :-)

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16-Apr-12 2:55 pm
1 week until my 20 week ultrasound! I'll update to see if you ladies are right.
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