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TTC a Girl Newbie =) (Tamara, HELP!!!!)

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3-Apr-12 7:24 pm

Hi ladies!  I have been referencing this site for quite a while and finally decided to join today!  I have two beautiful Junebugs.....Aidan will be 5 and Ryan will be 2.  I would love to have a little girl to complete our family!  With my first two, I simply looked up ovulation calculators online and used pregnant on the first try with both.  I know that we tend to have an 'easy' time getting pregnant (with boys) I was to learn how to sway the odds for a girl.

I have seen that there are 7 sway factors.  Which do you all think are the most important.....timing/ph/diet/other???

So far I have gotten Citracal with Vitamin D (500mg Calcium citrate and 80 mg mag per pill), Baby Aspirin (I heard the it helps lower estrogen levels....I also have a blood clotting disorder and it helps prevent clots), Super B Complex, B6 100 mg (to help lengthen lp), Vitamin C 500 mg, prenatals, and Cystex Cranberry (I got both the pills and the liquid). 

I have been taking all of the supplements, expect for the cranberry.  I figured I would wait to start taking that in June.....We're going to start trying in July.  Should I be taking prenatals when ttc a girl.....I have read confilicting beliefs on that.  Are there any other supplements that you would recommend???

I plan on buying opks and have been charting my bbt for the past two months.  I was curious about timing......If I am going to do the cut-off method.  Do I wait until I get a positive opk then stop and then use my chart to 'prove' that I o'd???  I was just curious how you know when to stop???

I would love to do the diet and will try my best to go by it.  I had some questions about it......can you have salads???  Salad dressing???  I have read that cucumbers sway girl.....I like to make them with vinegar and a little bit of sour cream....would that sway girl???

Has anyone tried Lydia Pinkham and have it be successful???  I have read a few success stories online, I was just curious about your thoughts  =)

I also have a mini fountain and an ion lamp. I will also be getting some lavendar lotion and plug-ins for the bedroom. And put something pink under the bed, of course!

Please let me know how this sounds so far!!! I am in the early stages of getting ready and just want to make sure that I have all my ducks in a row for July. I'm so excited to get started and hopefull give my oldest the sister that he has been asking for for the past year!!!! Happy Giggle


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3-Apr-12 9:19 pm

Hey there!  Welcome!  I am a total newbie on here as well... but I thought I would quick encourage you that you seem to be on the right path girl! :)  We are hoping to start to TTC in June and I have been on the diet for the last few weeks or so.

My thought on the prenatal is that you should totally be on it when you are TTC!  I haven't heard anything against it myself...and I think it is super important to have your body "built-up" and strong with good vitamins/minerals when you get pregnant :)

I am trying to figure out more details on the Cranberry amount that is recommendated... I am confused on how many of my cran. pills I, and DH, should take to lower our ph.

I eat salads a lot... spinach with a little bit of raspberry dressing or other green lettuce varieties... they have lots of calcium in them :)  Cucumbers are great too... I haven't made them with straight-up vinegar, but with sour cream and a bit of raspberry vinegriette.

I love to get ideas from all of you who are also swaying girl!  I have 4 little boys and we would love to add a little girl as well :)

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4-Apr-12 6:15 am

Thank you so very much for taking the time to respond!  It feels great to hear that it sounds like I'm on the right track  =)  I have been taking prenatals since December and just started with all the other supplements in February.  I think that I'll be able to do the diet, as long as I can keep my salads, lol.  The cucumbers with vinegar and sourcream is soooo yummy.  You just do a spoonfull of sourcream and then slowly mix in the vinegar until the sourcream is liquidy.  Then mix in the sliced cucumbers and add a dash of pepper, YUM!!!  It's a perfect side-dish during the summer months.....I just wanted to make sure that the sourcream swayed girl  =)

Is there anything else that you're doing that I have missed???  Good luck with your attempt in June!!!!!

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4-Apr-12 11:37 am


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4-Apr-12 12:40 pm

 salads are not on the diet.  So no lettuce - I dont think your dressings are on there too- so NO you cant eat vineger- as I read it sways boy.  Cucumbers you can eat plain- they are girl safe.  there is a list of foods you can eat- anything thats not on the diet you cant  - I woudl print the receipes and youcan eat those fodds IN THAT receipe only.


as for the 7 sway factors- Tamara has a blog- but the FAQ answrs it too- timing is the least important. 

I used OPKs, when TTC this last time- and just wanted to let you know I swayed for a Girl and can say we did the 7 sway factors.  i have to say the diet is hard.  My sway you can find on my posts. My dh was great at the diet.  we did everything oppoiste of our boys.  I recomend getting to know your cycles a few months in advance.  Good luck

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4-Apr-12 5:01 pm

Hi Aidan&RyansMommy,

I am a newbie as well and when I read your post I had to comment because it sounds like we have a lot of similarities.  We have been blessed with two boys Ryan (6) and Joshua (2) and would love for the boys to have a sister to complete our family.  I am 36 and my husband is 38 so baby # 3 might be our last. With both our boys we just charted and were blessed to get pregnant on our first attempts.

I have been charting for a couple months to get a baseline of my cycle and am just starting to formulate our "plan" for our July attempt -- my estimated O day is July 17. So far my TTC for a girl plan is:


Calcium Citrate (1000 mg) / Magnesium (500 mg)  - both myself and hubby

Folic Acid (450 mg), Vit C (500mg), B6 (100 mg), Liquid Cystex Cranberry, Kefir, Acidilolphus -- trying to determine what other supplements to take like the Lydia Pinkham..not sure about Lydia Pinkham because July isn't that far away andI don't to use anything that might mess with my cycle.

Zyrtec (will start taking a couple of days before O)


low sodium, low potassium, low fat

Crystal Light (600 ml daily and then all day for 3 days after O+12 DTD)


  • Several days from O I will start testing with Clearblue easy digital OPK every 4 hours to try to pinpoint surge.  After first smiley i'll count down 36 hours for O+12 attempt.
  • I also ordered the Hanna digital ph tester and the Buffer, Storage, and cleaning solutions ...i just got it in the mail today and I have to admit i'm alittle overwhelemed with all of the instructions on how to use it..i'm sure it's a matter of practice, practice, practice.  Once I get a smiley OPK i'll start testing CM and ph. 
  • We really don't know whether to do 7 day abstinence or FR for sperm count?? Just not sure ...  
  • An hour before DTD, use a summer's eve vinegar douche (if needed to lower ph) and replens finger
  • 30 mins before DTD, take 2x Cranberry, and zyrtec
  • Hot shower/bath
  • During DTD, missionary and use rephresh
  • After DTD, lay in bed for 30 mins... then not sure ... douche/replens finger/lime tampon (i'm thinking just replens finger and lime tampon and no douche). Keep checking PH every 30 mins up to 4 hours. 
  • For the next 3 days drink plenty of Crystal Light and use replens as needed to lower ph


That's my plan so far...  I'd love to know what others in the same July TTC girl are planning.  Since i'm a newbie, any ideas/suggestions/input would be great. 


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4-Apr-12 5:13 pm

 I also wanted to add.. salads usually have tomatoes- and tomatoes are OFF the girl ttc diet

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5-Apr-12 12:25 am

Prenatal is not a good idea as it also contains minerals and vitamins you are not supposed to have while ttc a girl.

i ve reaseached it in my first pregnancy and also asked a few docs and it s not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy either .

you do however have to take folic acid everyday.

also if you start your diet too early it might be difficult for you to be on it for a few months. six weeks is all you need

good luck


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