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Confused about so many swaying options...

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3-Apr-12 11:29 am

Im not TTC (yet) I have 3 daughters, DH & I plan to have one more...inwhich we are planning to do a boy sway. We plan to start trying sometime next year...but for now, i plan to educate myself on boy swaying so im prepared when the time comes to start so HOPEFULLY i will get my boy!!!

I see so much talk of taking you have to take the supplements?

Im VERY confused about "ions" I see some women talk about "leaving the TV on, cell phone by the bed, etc" how do these things contribute to swaying & what are the best ions for swaying blue?

I think I understand why I have 3 girls. We dont eat a lot of red meat, i dont like bananas, i dont eat much salt, etc. Guess im a recipe for a little girl maker.

Any advice on swaying blue would be so really lost. I also see a lot of talk about "0+12"...which i dont understand. I also saw today where someone said shettles method isnt true...i thought to acheive boy you wanted to BD at same time of O?

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7-Apr-12 9:43 am
please read the FAQ section and you will get all the factors for swaying blue, and most of your questions will be answered there. When you are ready, they are threads called "TTC boy in [current month]" when all the ladies who are trying to ttc a boy are hanging out together and helping out each other. The lateste one ie Ttc boy in April. good luck on planning your sway!

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17-Apr-12 1:22 pm

 Yes, the FAQ have so much information.  It is overwhelming.  You don't HAVE to do any of the things, but taking supplements, changing your diet, ions... all that can contribute to a boy. 

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