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IVF/PGD Success stories WITHOUT Microsort?

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2-Apr-12 4:12 pm

I have been reading through a lot of the posts today, and was able to find a number of threads that talked about success stories, so that was great!

 However, I am started to get discouraged since in most of the cases I read a success story, it was with MS/IVF/PGD, which obviously is no longer an option in the United States.  Thus, I was curious about hearing and having a thread for success stories that was plain vanilla IVF/PGD, since I know the chances of getting the gender you desire is reduced as compared to with MS.

 So how about it? Anyone have success stories that does not involve MS (btw, I am super jealous of all of you that were able to take advantage of the MS availablity for the couple of years it was!!!!)

 I have two boys and am planning to do a PGD cycle, but probably not for another 6-8 months, since my youngest is very little still and I am BF.


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2-Apr-12 4:45 pm

Yep, success story here, no MS, just plain old IVF/PGD.  I think in some ways you have a better shot with MS as the odds of the desired gender is higher BUT they are messing with the sperm more and could damage them therefore lowering your chance of getting pg.  So don't be too disappointed, it still can work.

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2-Apr-12 5:23 pm

Agree. I wasn't comfortable with the MS technology and lack of approval and the sperm manipulation. We went the "old fashioned" way. :-)


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3-Apr-12 5:37 pm

Well I'd be interested in this statistic also.

When we applied for Microsort way back, they strongly encouraged us to add the Microsort to IVF because 25% of IVF/PGD cycles will end up with no transfer from lack of embryos the right sex. Sad 

I really wish 60 minutes had done a piece on just plain IVF/PGD because that's the only thing available right now! 


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5-Apr-12 6:44 am

Hi mum of 3 girls and one boy

 For the moment I m a mom of 3 girls and I want a baby boy...the first attempt was bfn

I want to choose the best clinic...could I demand you where have you do you PGD IVF PLEASE

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5-Apr-12 6:49 am

Hi lou255, where abouts in the world do you live?

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11-Apr-12 2:16 pm

 When we first decided to go high tech, our doctor highly recommended MS but we didn't want to go that route.  We simply told him we weren't interested and he agreed to go with our plan.  We had success on our first cycle.  We had 7 embryos biopsied, 3 healthy boys, 3 healthy girls and one adnormal boy.  We transferred 2 healthy female embryos and ended up pregnant with triplets.  One fraternal girl and a set of identical girls.  It's amazing, fantastic and wonderful.  

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20-Apr-12 1:42 pm
I did plain PGD and I got pregnant on first try. :-D I am now eight months pregnant.
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20-Apr-12 11:02 pm
When we were dealing with givf it was going to cost us $2500 for MS, (we got in on a deal) but were told by them that MS doesn't really increase odds too much, that we could expect that we would on average only get 60/40 odds, so one more boy than girl. Didn't seem like great odds to justify the cost so we said no, not that we ever got to use them. Honestly, look into foods that sway for gender for hubby, mine took maca root powder for the month prior to my cycle and we got 5 boys and only 1 girl. I don't think that was a coincidence. Our first cycle was pretty much a 50/50 split. This cycle loading hubby up on all boy foods for the next 6 months.
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26-Apr-12 12:07 pm

Tinksmagic, thanks for the advice.  Where can I find out what type of foods I should have my husband eat for gender to sway girl? I find oncerte information on this hard to find on the other boards.

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26-Apr-12 12:19 pm
IVF + PGD fish 5 probes. 13 embryos, 8 normal: 7 xx (5 blasts) and 1 xy (blast). Tried before with day 3 CGH, all abnormal. I am now 15 wks pregnant with a little girl and have 2 wonderful boys. It was not easy because of the first doctor and the CGH, but I am so so so happy now. Would do all over again!
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1-May-12 10:49 pm
Hi mumof3girls, I'm a mum if 3 boys:)) was wondering where u had success? We are planning on pgd/ivf in jan 2013.

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5-May-12 11:06 pm

 We had our girl with plain IVF/PGD. We considered Microsort but all the research seemed to point toward it being a rip-off. I would like to add that I hope you can enjoy your boys! I was so sad that I didn't have a girl, that my second son (who is phenominal) missed out on some appreciation from me. I feel very guilty about that. 

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8-May-12 5:05 pm
Wow, nice to see that some women have had success on their first "plain" IVF/PGD try! May I ask you which clinic(s) and doctor(s) you went to? May I also ask, to those who didn't mention it, how many embryos you had transferred? Because not that I don't find twins to be so adorable, but I just cannot see myself with 4 kids (3 would already be a stretch)... so we would probably transfer only one embryo. Thanks! :)

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8-May-12 5:17 pm

Transfer of 2 hatching blasts. Pregnant with one. 36 yrs old. Good Luck Clover

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