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What am I missing out on???

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15-Apr-12 3:20 pm
Yep, again I know exactly what you mean... You just wonder what they are sitting doing that is giving them all these things for no real effort :( its very unfair. It's the sort of thing that I really can't think of a way round either, I mean, it's there, clear and simple, they have the perfect pigeon pair and we don't, so much so that we have what most women consider the worst comination to have. Really sad :( maybe that's one of the things that we need to try and work on, not caring what other people think because if you take them out of the equation then 3 boys is a lot easier to think about. Actually, that in itself is another plus to just boys... Girls seem to care so much about what others think, my dh couldn't care less... I'm glad I won have to watch a child of mine have that attitude that I have. I actually found at first it made me readjust my thinking a bit that actually life is just down to luck and all the good we do in it doesn't have to get us anywhere so feel I want to make a point of just living for the moment more.
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