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What am I missing out on???

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3-Apr-12 8:59 am
Maybe instead of saying "what did I miss out out and why isn't it my turn?" think instead that you have a chance to raise three good men. The world needs more good men in it. And that is your turn ;) Does that make sense? I get what you are saying....I told sme friends that I wish I had a girl because I have lots to pass on to the next generation of women when I found out #3 and #4 were boys, but it is what it is. Instead, I am raising boys who appreciate strong women, who will be encouraging and kind to women. And yes, you will love that boy, and eventually, you will forget. It won't always take over your life. It gets easier when they are more independent. ...... Wish I could figure out how to make paragraphs instead of one long run on paragraph.

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