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What am I missing out on???

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3-Apr-12 8:11 am
Thanx ladies for your support, it's reassuring to hear from others who have been where I am right now! These mix of emotions are just bloody awful to say the very least! My head is going crazy trying to rationalize these thoughts, what you said "Winter" about being 39 years of age and not having a daughter in those years of your life and you've been happy for all them years kinda makes sence in a way, but it's always being a picture in my head having my little boy and little girl! wish I could just block out any thought of believing I'm missing out by not having a daughter but I feel so certain that I am! Yes the girl cloths are so damn cute, and I know that there is some cute boy cloths also (just gotta search harder for them) but I feel it goes way deeper than all them material things for me! I just wanted the life experience of having both genders in my life, it feels to me that it will be a life half lived with not having my little girl! I can't believe my chance is come and gone, how is it possible that I've missed out??? Im a good person, alway going out my way to help others before meeting my own needs at times, Why can't I just have one of my dreams come true? I keep going through the what ifs and I know it's not helping but I do feel that I've ruined it by not swaying 100% or maybe by doing shettles instead of 0+12 method or just not researching enough on the possabity of HT, but I didn't even realize HT was an option until I recently spoke to my Ob and found ingender forum :-( if only I had known more! I'm struggling with the choosing a name for this baby boy also, I think Reid is a good strong name but I'm not sure that hubby is so keen! Going to go look at baby cloths tomorrow but I just know that my heart will be breaking when I have to walk on by the girl section! God damn it..... It was meant to be MY turn! I hope time heals but right now I can't see it ever healing! What am I really going to feel for this little boy when he arrives? Am I going to resent him for not being the daughter I so needed to complete my family :-(