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What am I missing out on???

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2-Apr-12 10:05 am
For me, it was letting go of that thought. "Oh, I must be missing out on X since I don't have a girl." Once in a while something reminds me that I don't have any daughters, but that isn't a part of my life every day. I dont spend time looking at girls and girl things but instead try to let my boys take over. They keep me pretty busy, with our activities and things, so I don't have a lot of time to wallow in misery or anything. And usually, when I do look up and breathe, it's OK. Not saying I would not like to have a daughter, but I know it will be OK if we never have one, if we stop having children now, or if we have one more and it's another boy (I have to still wrap my head around feeding five boys, lol). But it was time that got me here. I do remember that feeling of sadness when I found out #3 was a boy, but it went away before he arrived, and after he was here, it was totally OK.

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