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VIDEO UPDATE... Had new scan after confusing potty shots, lots of hands and cord down there.....Can

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2-Apr-12 5:02 am
Hi Ladies! Hope you're all well, I'm needing an expert opinion and you all seem to be very good at guessing gender! I had 2 scans last week, one at 12+6 and then at 13 weeks exactly, I've got one girly looking one, thats a front profile, and a potty shot that look like a boy with a big winky! I know it can be too early to tell the difference but I think it's probably boy but the 2 things making me think "mmmm I'm not too sure??" are that on all of my side profile scan pics I've never seen a nub, and also the winky on the potty shot seems quite big lol! So I'm thinking possibly the cord?? This pic is my girly one.. Any opinions much appreciated! Thanks. :-)
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