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Dr Potter on 60 Minutes Australia - watch this episode

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18-Apr-12 1:56 pm


I was not trying to discourage Vickiaust but rather give her both sides of the story and not just what she sees on a show on TV.

I do not expect the dr to be god, but they act like they are god when they are trying to sign you up to their clinic programs. They will promise you very high pregnancy rates and chances of success. They do not talk about no transfers and wasted money until after something fails miserably with the cycle...then they tell you the real stats for their patients and clinic. The shared risk programs are not truly shared risk at all. The clinic purposely overcharges on all the fees so that if you do have no success after 3 cycles, then you get a small portion of the money back - the clinic does not lose a single penny!  None of the PGD fees or medications are refundable in "shared risk" either which makes up over 50% of the cost!

As for my embryos they may as well have all been boys...I had 8 out of 10 be boys even though the RE claimed prior to  my ER that he's never seen such a result and how highly unusual it would be. After the no transfer, he suddenly remembered 3 more patients this happened to him in the last year.  1 in 4 patients will have nothing to put back Sad

with all due respect, I think I am better qualified to talk about the plus & minus of hi-tech gender selection coming off of 5 failed hi-tech cycles and $30,000 spent with no baby and you have not even done a single cycle. Please walk a mile in my shoes before talking about how simple hi-tech is.

If vickyaust would like to do IVF/PGD she should at least go in with her eyes wide open.

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Numerous MS IUI failures.

IVF/PGD fail. Not a single normal girl out of 10 embryos Sad

IVF/PGD#2 - PUPO with a SET normal girl!!!
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IVF/PGD#3 - BFP!!!! More low betas, miscarry 8 weeks

Dutch Girl Sway BFP!! Identical Twins... no heartbeat @ 10 weeks :(