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is it safe to start my blue shopping ?

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1-Apr-12 9:54 pm

Hi all am just scared that i started my blue shopping and then i will end up with a girl, the picture i have is 100% blue? its hard to go get conformation ultrasound in Sydney there is only one place that do geneder ultrasound and its really far from where i live .

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1-Apr-12 11:16 pm

 The first picture looks ALL BOY to me!!! Baby Bear Boy

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1-Apr-12 11:19 pm

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2-Apr-12 1:16 am
Baby Bear BoyAgree CONGRATS!


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2-Apr-12 1:27 am

Defo a boy! Congrats! :-D xxx

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2-Apr-12 2:57 am

 It is definatly safe to shop blue with those pics. Congrats!

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2-Apr-12 3:17 am
Yap, def boy! Enjoy shopping!
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2-Apr-12 3:26 am

 From first pic def Baby Bear Boy

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2-Apr-12 3:35 am

happy BLEU shopping Agree

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2-Apr-12 6:05 pm
Thank you all

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Thank you God for my 3 children.

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