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In Utero Stroke- Anyone go thru this????

me if you can!

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31-Mar-12 6:47 am
Wow, that is a lot to handle, but I'm so glad your little guy seems to be doing better in every way possible. I don't think you're crazy to want another one. Actually I know of a family up the street from us, and the same thing happened to their little girl, and I don't think she had the success your son is having, but they do have a second child with no issues. I think the timing is probably just bad for your DH right now. It's a hard thing to take in all at once, and I'm sure he feels a lot of grief and doesn't want that again. But I think in a year or so when you might want to try again you could probably have a much better conversation about it. Well I wish you the best, and I hope your little guy continues to surpass everything they thought he would do. He sounds like a really strong little fighter!

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