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Looking for women where the Ramzi theory was WRONG. *added pic*

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29-Mar-12 9:12 am

Please, if the Ramzi theory was wrong for you, please post here. And if you have an u/s pic to share as well (where it looks like baby is on right, and baby was a girl, or vice versa) that would be even better!

How accurate is this theory anyway?


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29-Mar-12 9:23 am

Mine was right I think this pregnancy. i tested it out at 7 weeks. It was hard to say if it was correct though because I wasnt sure if the view I saw on the screen was the same as the view on the picture??? and it was hard to talk to tech about where the placenta was located because they dont believe in the theory...

Do i think its correct? NO.... not always. i did when I was about 7 weeks and then shortly afterwards some other ladies on here who were the same weeks pregnant with me also tested the theory and then went on to find out they were having the opposite gender.. so I dont know. I think its an interesting study and has some worth, but I think its hard to make a guess unless you are in the room with the patient and you can see how the scan is being performed and if its a mirror image. A picture alone may not be so accurate.

hope this helps?

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29-Mar-12 10:02 am

Thank you for responding!

 Well that's the thing, I DID ask the tech at the time of my u/s (which was transvaginal.. so everything should be as is), and I'm still wondering if it could be wrong.. or if it's pretty much right because of this theory. I'm hoping there are women out there where even in this situation, the theory was wrong.

EVERYTHING else points to this baby being a girl.. except this theory and my u/s that was done at 7w3d.

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29-Mar-12 10:34 am
what do you mean by "everything else" do you mean OWT? because that's just loads of crap hun! I had a lot of girl owt yet had a boy! or do you have pics indicating girl? like nub? how far along are you now?
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29-Mar-12 10:38 am

lol, I do mean OWT. I also did the GenderMaker Test (all in fun I know), and just my initial intuition. I've also had dreams of finding out the sex. I know these are not reliable.. but this Ramzi theory is the ONLY thing saying boy. But now that I'm reading more about this theory, I'm not so sure. I guess it doesn't matter where baby is located, but where the placenta (or chorionic villi) is forming?

I only asked the tech where the baby had implanted. So now I'm not so sure...

Here is a pic of my 7w u/s if anyone cares to look. Can you even tell where the placenta location will be?

ETA: I am now almost 10wks

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29-Mar-12 11:29 am
It is just a theory. My US indicates boy but i do not believe it!

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30-Mar-12 7:57 pm

FYI, I read A LOT about this theory. Check out this old thread When you read an ultrasound you are looking at it in reverse... much like when you take a picture of yourself and look at it. If you take your ultrasound picture and hold it up to your uterus... you will notice your baby is actually on your left side, not your right. You can also see the cord and that should be where the CV is forming. Hence, I think this theory means a girl for you!


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2-Apr-12 5:33 pm
Well, I used to do the predictions for this theory and it was wrong, wrong, wrong for me. Mine looked just like yours and I had my hopes up for a girl the entire time. So many people read them wrong...sorry. Based on your pic, I would have said girl. Anyhoo....wrong for me. I ended up losing my son at 18 weeks. We had testing done and he was 100% boy...even though the ramzi theory made me believe girl. So because of this, I do not predict anymore.

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3-Apr-12 7:47 pm
Thank you ladies... and jojo I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been there (lost a son at 25wks). Huge hugs!!

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3-Apr-12 9:25 pm
I would have said boy for your ultrasound... not sure where anyone would get girl. The placenta is more in the middle but i see it off to the right of your body more so than the left. (right of the photo = your left, left of the photo = your right)
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