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Can pls experts look at my scans and let me know gender if you can .

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28-Mar-12 2:55 pm

Dear all,

This is my first post so pls be gentle if I done some wrong.

I am now 21 weeks pregrant . I am in UK and in my county they dont reveal gender. I am excited now. I am okie with either but just excited to know. My husband prefer baby girl.

I had 20 weeks scan today.

I am posting 21 weeks scan pic . I am unable to attach more pics . I have pics  from 12 weeks scan but unable to attach more than one pic.

Pls let me know the gender if you can .


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28-Mar-12 3:34 pm

pls check the 12 weeks scan pic1

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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28-Mar-12 3:35 pm

12th week pic2.

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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28-Mar-12 3:43 pm

 Sorry no good pics for guessing. 

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29-Mar-12 6:24 am

thx jame. Any guess by others or experts?

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29-Mar-12 6:45 am
No clues in any of these pics, sorry x


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No dots!

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29-Mar-12 8:50 am

 no gender clues! it's gonna be a sweet surprise for you! congrats!


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30-Mar-12 9:18 am

thank you very much all of you. Any idea charliecats?

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30-Mar-12 3:41 pm
Sorry there is no nub seen in any of these pics which is what is needed for gender guessing. Hope you dh gets his girl!

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