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UPDATE!! Need Tech response and/or people experience on Nuchal Fold to Thick @20wks


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26-Mar-12 2:28 pm
I know the u/s techs check this forum, I desperately need your opinion! I just got back from the review of my 20 week anatomy scan and they found at 20 weeks 2 days that the Nuchal Fold is measuring 7.1mm-7.3mm and that the nasal bone appears to be hypoplastic. These two things could have a chance of my baby having down syndrome, I have to go see a specialist now. I am left wondering how often these measurements are accurate in determining down syndrome. Has anyone experienced this? What was outcome? Babys measurements? I attached profile of the baby, whil the nose does look petite/pointy could be the angle of the pic but she does have a nasal bone, just a small nose? Then I also read that they shouldn't even use the nuchal measurement after 13 weeks on the internet.
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