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how much longer

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25-Mar-12 9:03 pm

I don't even want to check my facebook page anymore. It seems like everyone I know is pregnant, some of them again. I feel selfish when I say I really don't want to here about it! Last night I saw a girl who lives of the state, can't take care of the child she has let alone another one. she throws me a "suttle" hint about her byfriend leaving her, it was silent and all of a sudden she says "you know I lost my other baby! It was the worst day of my life" she started to tell me about that day. I wanted to scream, I have never in my life been a selfish person I have gone without new clothes for years because my son needs them or we need to pay bills insted I have even gone without food to make sure my son has what ever he needs. But at this moment in time I couldn't hold my tounge it just came out, " I'm not trying to be rude but I dont care" I expained my reason for not caring. I ripped her soul out. The more I try to pretend like I'm the strongest person in the world the more I die inside. When is this pain going to stop!? I need someone to talk too.

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