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30-Mar-12 8:25 am
Hi 5crazymnkeys, Bless your heart. Well I just saw this and thought I had something to say as well. I have been thru a roller coaster as well. I have been seeing a fertility specialist since December. he has checked everything under the sun. My thyroid....normal. But I know that can impact the incidence of m/cs. Have you had you thyroid levels checked? he put me on daily baby aspirin. My vit D.....very deficient. he immediately put me on Vit D 2000 IU daily, even though I was getting Vit D thru my multivitamins. he checked for lupus or anything autoimmune. i did test + for ANA, but we still dont know what that was, tested neg for lupus. he also checked my progesterone at various points of my cycle and I was very deficient, even though I should have had a little. So in January, I took hcg shots 3, 6, and 9 days after Ovulation to initiate my body tobmake progesterone which it did and my levels one month went to 53! Even the month I conceived I did the hcg shots, so my body had enough progesterone in it at conception which was important. This doctor does not do suppositories or creams, just injections when pg. The doc also did 2 ultrasounds to check egg numbers, lining of uterus, to check for polyps and scar tissue like pinkpanther said. i didnt have anything that looked abnormal. On another day he put saline in thru a syringe to check my tubes to see if there was blockage and did an u/s to watch the saline go into all the spaces of my tubes, ovaries, and uterus. he did find a little pinch enclosure on one tube, but wasnt worried about it. So all this to say, I think it came down to deficientcy in progesterone at the crucial time. I am still touch and go at this point in my pg, but the last progesterone went up to 18 so I was encouraged. All I can do is wait. I strongly believe the baby aspirin and vit D are helping too. Those are things you can do without a Dr. Telling you to do so. he also had me take the CoQ10 this last month when I conceived bc he said it helped with the attachment to the uterus. i was taking 200 mg twice a day. I hope this helps. What other things have you done? keep me posted. is it possible to see a fertility specialist or at least an endocrinologist to check all your levels? Thinking of you, Kristen

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