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My ER was yesterday, not great news today

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24-Mar-12 12:44 pm

Hey all, I'm well into cycle #2 and I don't like how things are going.  They lowered my stims and I didn't have BCP and switched from Lupron started several days before stims to Cetrotide started like six days into stims.  Also I'm on Metformin.  

 So I had my ER yesterday, and instead of the 34 (fried) eggs they got in December, this time we got fifteen.  Less than I would have liked, but still not too bad.  Fert report today - 14 mature, a lousy 9 fertilized.  Nine!  Last time with all the drugs frying them we still had 77% of the mature eggs fertilized (58% total).  This time only 60% total fertilized, and only 65% mature did!  So if last time was a quality issue, how can I hope that the quality this time would be any different?! 

And now I don't know what I want to do about biopsy and testing.  I was having a tough time deciding between fresh with a day three biopsy or doing the same day five biopsy frozen scenario as last time before this cycle started, but my doctor told me that fresh was more important than the day five biopsy.  So the plan was to do a day three biopsy with 24 panel GSN (which is now called Natera btw) and a fresh transfer.  That yields on average 40% normal.  So if I lose any between now, biopsy, and transfer, the odds are relatively high that I'd have no normal XX to transfer.  They do re-test anything that was abnormal on day three if it's still growing strong on day five, but I can't really count on that.  So the other option is doing some sort of FISH probe testing (most likely a five probe) on day three.  But that scares the crap out of me because I feel like if the option to test all the chromosomes is available I'd be tempting fate NOT to do it, and I'm already doing one procedure that they're saying is going to be phased out in the next few years (the day three biopsy).  I'm just the type of person who is going to worry that something on one of the other untested chromosomes is messed up and I'd rather have a no transfer than a miscarriage.  I know I've had three healthy kids with natural conception and I'm relatively young still, but IVF is different - the drugs mess with your eggs!

I called Natera (GSN) and the rep said I should talk to the embryologist at my clinic, but since it's the weekend he wasn't in so I guess I'll have to talk to him tomorrow.  So what do you all think I should do?  I'm so sick of being in these situations where every choice sucks!

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