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What's the affect of being on holiday when ttc a boy using moon signs?

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13-Apr-12 7:58 am

Yeah, we didn't sway at all with our first- I went off the pill the day before our wedding and I conceived DS1 on our honeymoon.  Then with our second, I looked a little into gender swaying and took a few cranberry tablets but wasn't that worried about it all as we were always going to have three kids.  But, after 2 boys, and this being our last baby, I am putting my all into trying for a girl.

Yes I'm sure the diet does have an affect.  I don't eat dairy, but I used to eat a banana every day for breakfast for years (nothing at all to do with swaying- I had no idea about that- that was all I could stomach in the morning!), and I did eat a lot of potato and tomato too, and I guess the fact I have 2 boys could be more than a little bit of a coincidence...! 

But yes, I do think the moon sign has the strongest influence.  I mean, all these diets and supplements are largely meant to change our ph and ionisation in order to affect the polarity of our egg, but if the moon has the largest affect on the egg polarity, then really diet and supplements could only help with gender if you conceived when the moon was on the cusp of male/female and it could go either way.  Otherwise, if you conceive when the moon is male, then your egg will only attract boy sperm, and vice versa.  That's what I believe anyway.

I totally know what you mean about temping.  My DS2 still wakes at 5am for a bottle, and then wakes me to get up for the day at 7:30am, so I don't get the block of sleep needed for an accurate basal reading either.  Just quietly, I gave up on temping and just bought a whole lot of OPK tests, and when my mucous starts to turn watery to egg white, I start testing for ov.  I have figured my cycle out pretty well from that as as soon as the luteal surge stops being detected, I know I am ovulating (and you can buy pretty cheap OPKs online).

I guess we have kind of started TTC. I mean, I gave the lunar ov thing a try, but it occured during my last period so I guess we tried it just becaue we had to give it a go. I didn't really see how I could get pregnant during my period (but deep down wanted it to work as it was 99% guarantee of girl), but sure enough I didn't.  So yes, just waiting to see when I will next ov under a girl moon... if ever.  I am hoping it might happen in May, which is why I have gone on the Vitex, and even bought some Saw Palmetto today which is meant to increase your progesterone (I haven't meantioned that I am very high in estrogen which sways boy).  Anyway, I am hoping that having a bit of a fiddle with my hormones might change the timing of my ov so it happens in a girl moon... But there is a part of me that is scared that if I fiddle around too much I might screw things up and not be able to get pregnant (as I have always been VERY fertile- both my boys were conceived first go).

I did have a little look at biorythms, but I just felt like I had to draw the line somewhere and that adding yet another factor into the mix was going to get too confusing and make me all too obsessive (plus I found the charts very hard to read...!). I just felt like I had to choose a theory and stick to it, and the lunar gender thing just feels right to me.

You are right, there is so much to consider, and I really want to avoid stress as I know this affects fertility, and that you have a higher change of conceiving if you just relax. I even went through a point the other day where I almost threw in the towel with all this swaying stuff and said 'whatever's meant to be will be'...! As you said, there is so much you can't control, so i thought why bother at all? Some women on this forum do the diet so strictly, take all their supplements, make their husband change his underwear, and follow the lunar signs, and they still conceive the opposite gender to what they wanted.

Anyway, better to try and fail than not to try at all.  And I just think that if I try all this and we still conceive another boy, then we were really meant to have that little boy!

Thanks for the pink dust- wouldn't it be lovely if you could bottle it??  xx

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