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What's the affect of being on holiday when ttc a boy using moon signs?

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13-Apr-12 5:40 am
Hi skyla :-) I've only just started looking at all this kind of stuff cos DH and I want to start trying for our second soon, and like you say there is soooooooo much info to sift through to help decide what actually might work for you, it is quite daunting. We didn't sway with our DD because we just wanted a baby!! But we only want 2 and I really really want a little boy, so thought it was worth a shot at swaying this time round. The moon stuff really makes sense and explains why some people can have 10 babies and they all be the same gender. I think the diet does have an affect, but I don't think it is be all and end all, and like you I don't think it is the healthiest way to go. I am planning on doing a little bit of everything, i've (mostly) cut out dairy, and eat bananas tomatoes and potatoes every day, but other than that I am gonna eat my usual diet and make sure I eat plenty of veg etc. The most important factor for me is gonna be the moon sign at the time of ovulation, and just hope conception happens under a male sign... I have been tracking my temp since coming off the pill, but I can't do it that well cos my 17 month old DD is STILL not sleeping through the night, so often I have not had 3 hours unbroken sleep before taking my temp, it shot up today, but I couldn't take it the past 2 days, so now I'm gutted cos I can't tell what day I ovulated to see what moon it would have been under :-( When are you planning on TTC or is it just a case of as soon as you can ovulate under a female moon sign? Also, have you looked into bio-rhythms at all? Do you think they carry any weight? When we conceived our DD my bio-rhythm said girl, but if you look at the day the astro chart said is the strongest to try for a boy this July it totally clashes with my biorhythm chart which says strong girl! It's so difficult to try and get things matching up. I feel quite excited about trying for our boy, but I think I am also gonna get quite stressed about it cos there is so much to consider and so much you can't control.... Thanks again for taking the time to help me sort things out in my mind, it has really really helped me. And thanks for your blue dust, you can have all of my pink dust... Hehe xx
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