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my 4th and last baby! PLEASE GUESS!

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23-Mar-12 6:55 am
this is the nuchal scan at 13wks and 2 days,is this a flat nub or what??
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23-Mar-12 6:57 am

 Baby Bear Girl

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23-Mar-12 6:58 am


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23-Mar-12 7:11 am
Thank you so much blondhayley, really?? :-)

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23-Mar-12 7:12 am
thank you lovemy4 :-)

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23-Mar-12 7:16 am
Looks girly.... Is that what you were hoping for?

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23-Mar-12 7:18 am
Baby Girl
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23-Mar-12 7:19 am
Hi threewillys, thank you so much,yes I REALLY AM,I have 3 beautiful boys,I just cannot let myself get carried away with the thought of a little lady but yeah I'm desp:-) I thought maybe the little shadow above could be raised up,just not sure?!?! thank you again xx

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23-Mar-12 7:25 am

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23-Mar-12 7:27 am

by the way threewillys...CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR LITTLE PINK! amazing xxx

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23-Mar-12 7:30 am
thank you hughes09 x

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23-Mar-12 7:37 am

 girl x x

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23-Mar-12 7:41 am

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23-Mar-12 8:46 am
thanx so much ladies, any more guesses.....PLEEEEASE XX

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23-Mar-12 9:46 am
im leaning towards girl, please guess on mine?x


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