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did you get bigger with boy or girl

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22-Mar-12 8:40 pm

I find i am pretty tiny now but it's all alot higher up, starting JUST below my belly button opposed to lower like my son was.... I keep getting told im small and haven't gained much weight yet like I did with my DS but i still don't know what im having.

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22-Mar-12 9:12 pm
I'm much smaller this time but carrying low and I've been told it's a girl

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23-Mar-12 3:49 am
Hey im due next week, dont know what were having, but im carrying alot smaller this time around, and more of a football shape bump! i had a ds 1st time, so will let you know what it is in next couple weeks x



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23-Mar-12 5:19 am

 With my girl i gained 14lb of weight and she was only 6lb.6oz. With my boy i gained 3 times as much weight and he weighed 8lb 13.5oz. You could hardly notice i was pregnant with my girl my bump was tiny and always 3cm under my week dates where as my boy was measuring 4cm over my week dates from 30 weeks. Luckily they got him out on my due date as im only little and wouldnt have managed another lb! Xx

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23-Mar-12 4:30 pm
I've been told after your first pregnancy u really can't go by the shape and size cuz the uterus has already stretched its most accurate wives tail with the first preg unless there's many years between so I've heard??
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23-Mar-12 4:33 pm
I showed a lot soon with my boys. You could tell I was prego by 3 months. With my girls I didn't really show till 7 months!

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23-Mar-12 7:47 pm

I'm the opposite. I didn't show w/ my boys till about 18 weeks and carried low and mostly belly. With this one, it's a girl, and I gained 20lbs already all over, my belly isn't huge, but definitely different than w/ the boys.

I'm hoping the weight gain slows down because i'm feeling so frumpy :(


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23-Mar-12 8:28 pm
@ Tadtam21 - I have 8 years between pregnancies lol
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29-Mar-12 7:28 am
Oh lol I didn't notice it's like your uterus is brandy new !!
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31-Mar-12 1:32 am
seriously you cant tell for me with first girl i gained 23 kilos, with 2nd girl gained all togather around 9 kilos but with both i did show very early this time am having a boy am almost 20 weeks and you cant tell iam pregnant .

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7-Apr-12 8:31 am
well i had a beautiful little girl so in my case i was smaller with a girl and bigger with a boy!x



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7-Apr-12 9:22 am
Boys I was bigger and gained more. This one is girl and gained less bit it's more left to right than out if that makes sense

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7-Apr-12 9:47 am
i am really compact so far... like people are shocked when i say im actually 5 mos preg (as am i). With my son i was sticking right out... not this one. a few more days and i'll know what it is!!!!
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7-Apr-12 2:51 pm

 Holy Moley!!  A few more days??  Wow.. time is going by fast!!  I am gonna be 10 wks prego tomorrow already!!   Time is going by so crazy fast!

I can't wait to hear what you are having!  Eeekkkkk!!  Happy  LOL  FX for PINK for the both of us!!  Pray 4 Baby Bear Girl


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7-Apr-12 8:30 pm
im starting to get so scared it's not even funny... im afraid ill hear boy and then i can no longer consider the possibility that it's a girl
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