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Why when we get our DG we don't believe it

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22-Mar-12 2:32 am
I have always wanted a son - and to hear he is on his way almost 8 weeks ago, I am stunned and still feel exactly how you have described. I tell people when he is born, I won't be dressing him as i feel I will just need to keep checking his goods ( lol) and they all laugh - but I dont think think they realise how serious I actually am! I am feeling petrified for the moment he is here, I feel like how long will I have with him before the midwife says it's a girl. I have gone through the motions of buying blue, I now call him a him, but i honestly am so scared it's too good to be true, I have got gender neutral for my hospital bag. I have 4 d pics of his little Winkie ( as I kept asking the consultant if he was sure ) but I am worrying now that it is actually some sort of hernia or cord!!!!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous to a lot of people I know, but to me it Is almost like there can be no other explanation as I had convinced myself I was a girl carrier and now I have been told I have my boy!!! Congratulations on your little girl - sorry my post hasn't helped lol but I just wanted to share that the fear you are feeling is so normal - I am still there too. My nursery is still pink !!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx