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Dh and I are planning to TTC a sweet little GIRL at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013

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18-Jul-12 5:11 am

ok this is my plan so far let me know what you think ,

dh taking calcium,magnesium tabs and liqurice root tabs,

me take calcium and mag also,

ttc diet as best we can wow its a hard diet !!, low salt intake and low potassium, loads of milk and dairy

on bd day no caffine hardly any food  so sugar levels are low, and 2 weeks up to bd stick to diet 100%

testing ph daily trying to keep levels 5 and under, testing dh ph levels too, tight undies for dh , hot shower for us both b4 bd,

neg ion braclets for both of us ,rose quartz braclets for me, pink outfit under bed also wooden spoon , and pink ribbon under pillow (ok i know how silly that sounds but hey it cant hurt lol)

using opks for o,

ok still not sure wether to do fr or abstain ?? dh is 35

and still debating shettles method or 0+12 ??

will use lime douche or rephresh or replens b4 dtd depending on ph levels ,

no big o :(

will prop hips up for 20 min after dtd ,

will chk ph after and use finger of replens if needed, will remove any cm as i go

ok i think thats it ha ha how does it sound so far ??? 


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