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Are there clinics that do not require family balancing?

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21-Mar-12 8:28 am

 Are there clinics that will gender select without family balancing? I have a daughter from a previous marriage, and I am open to having just one more biological child, preferably a girl. My husband really wants to have a girl that is biologically his, and has joked that if we have a boy, we may have to try again. I can't handle three children (... or four!), so I've been clear with him that this is it. He grew up with all brothers and really wants a baby girl, and I want to be able to give him that. I'm frustrated that Microsort only allows for family balancing because I think that it puts people in a place where they feel pressured to concieve more children in order to get the gender that they've dreamed of. Are there other clinics that will be willing to give us a girl?