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anyone use EM with Clomid to conceive girl?

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21-Mar-12 7:03 am
I am considering,,,,Has anyone does this or had any experience with this method they can share with me?  How many cycles did it take etc??

Me -31 (0.5 amh) DH- 33 (no issues) Baby Bear Boy  Hoping for a Baby Bear Girl in 2013

9/10/12 Ericsson IUI Cycle BFN (100mg Clomid and 6500 ovidrel)

9/14/12 IVF Pretesting:  0.50 amh, fsh 8

Oct 2012 IVF #1: 9 eggs, 8 fertilized, 7 biopsied (3 became blasts on day 5 and 4 became blasts on day 6) PGD 2 normal 1xy 1xx (both day 6 early blasts 2bb (xy) and 2dd(xx))  Both frozen. 

***Decision to stim again in hopes of better response***

Nov 2012 IVF #2: 6 eggs, 4 fertilized (2 fertilized a day late) 2 perfect 5 day blasts transferred and one 2bc 6 day blast frozen.  (No Pgd) 

!11/19/12 Beta #1: 190 BFP 8dp5dt


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25-Mar-12 10:26 am

I did one cycle, using Clomid and Ericsson in Michigan with Dr. Zak.

My girl attempt is a very lovely little 5 year old boy.

A lot of great kids, and a full time job mean very little time to play! Miss you all!!
Thank you In-Gender and Maureen for giving me a place to dream, and the tools to chase those dreams<3
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