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Great baby pic at 11w 5d... Any predicitions?

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18-Mar-12 7:54 pm


Full-size image

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18-Mar-12 8:41 pm

could still rise but im guessing girl

Mum to 7 sons #8 due in November Hoping for pink So apparently after 7 blues Im getting a PINK one And I did get my GIRL xx .

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18-Mar-12 9:57 pm

Baby GirlBaby GirlBaby GirlBaby Girl

 Baby brother coming in September!!!!

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19-Mar-12 1:15 am
Girl :)

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19-Mar-12 1:16 am

 Cute baby girl....

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19-Mar-12 3:34 am
i guess girl! please guess on mine?x


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19-Mar-12 4:01 am
Leaning girl xxx

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19-Mar-12 5:00 am
looks girly but not super reliable as early x


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19-Mar-12 5:26 am
very girly

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19-Mar-12 6:10 am
Thank you! She will be my 4th daughter, so we figured those were our odds.

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19-Mar-12 7:25 am
aw sweet, would have loved 4 daughters actually, but now love what I have. its still an early nub shot, but it does look quite girlyx


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19-Mar-12 8:24 am
Another Baby Bear Girl vote!
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19-Mar-12 10:37 am
I think girl too

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30-Mar-12 8:56 pm
All girl votes, would love to BUMP to see if there are any more thoughts? Thank you!


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30-Mar-12 10:00 pm

50/50 at 11w5d

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