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Gende Manupulation.

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18-Mar-12 3:54 pm

My name is Ashley Spencer and after having 3 boys I was desperate for a little girl.

As a mother, you love all of your children. But when you grow up dreaming of being a mom - you always DREAM of being a mom to your preferred gender. I sure did.

Did you dream of watching your boy play with toy trucks in the mud? Dream of watching him grow up in to a sweet, strong young man?

Or did you dream of sharing a precious bond with your daughter as you comb through her shiny hair? I know exactly how you feel. And I, too, felt the dull pain and fear of never having my dream child.

I even felt guilty after having my third child... because I was shaken to my core with depression after hearing "it's a boy."

not again,my college friend suggested i used a tried and proven method of,manupulating the science of child birth,the rest is history,you can try it on trial basis.


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