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i don't understand why techs take "potty shots" before 15 weeks

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15-Mar-12 9:30 pm
I think the majority of the time they're deceiving and pointless... am i the only one who feels this way?
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15-Mar-12 10:23 pm

I completely agree! 

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15-Mar-12 10:31 pm
Well I think like anything else it depends on a whole host of factors. With a really good tech, an excellent machine and multiple views down there a potty shot CAN be reliable at that stage. I have a textbook turtle shot of my son at 13w2d. The machine was clear and the perinatologist was able to be 100% certain of his sex because she looked at multiple angles. There was no way it was a swollen labia. Of course I have seen countless shots on here that are verrrrry ambiguous at that stage. I wouldn't trust a potty shot before 15.5 weeks unless there were multiple clear shots and a very expert tech.
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16-Mar-12 12:28 am
I had a gender scan at 14w5d and it was accurate. It was so obvious at this gestation what the sex was, and each ultrasound since has been the same. The lady I went to said potty shots at this gestation can be very accurate, you just need a good tech who knows what they are looking at/for, and a decent machine. The place I went to does gender from 14 weeks, and gives a 99% accuracy. I think a lot of the time, the patient is desperate to have a look and see if they can tell the gender. So the tech does so at the patients request. I know when i went for my nuchal, i asked her to have a peek between the legs, knowing full ll that at 12 w it was completely 50/50. But she did so anyway, becauseni had asked her to. As expected, her guess at this stage was wrong, but it was me who wanted to look, not her. Whether or not gender is determinable at this 14/15 weeks depends on a lot of different things...I guess if the patient wants the gender guess to be more accurate, they should wait until their 20'week scan, and not even worry about the gender before then..!

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16-Mar-12 1:41 am
I was 14.3 weeks with my daughter and the tech was extremely experienced and his machine was good. He got very good potty shots and said he was positive I was having a little girl and he was right.

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16-Mar-12 2:00 am
i found out i was having a boy at 14 weeks 5 days. clear pics def depends on tech and machine.


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16-Mar-12 6:51 pm
14w3d - 14w5d is pretty much 15 weeks lol
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16-Mar-12 8:09 pm

I agree. I was 13 weeks when I just had my scan done. The baby was very cooperative so we were done with the techs measurements real early. I asked her if she could guess the sex. The LO had its legs crossed the majority of the time, so I was unable to get a clear nub shot. So she moved to the potty shot and said "She sees nothing." She said it twice actually. Then said, "Oh wait I think I see something, but it may be swollen girl parts or boy parts... so I can't make a guess" OK so why even bother lady?? lol

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16-Mar-12 8:10 pm

BUT atleast she was nice enough not to give me false info!!!

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