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New Here! 12w Ultrasound

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14-Mar-12 7:00 pm

Hi Everyone I had my 12w ultrasound today and was wondering if anyone would like to give me their gender opinions! Thank you!

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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14-Mar-12 7:02 pm

Pic #2

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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14-Mar-12 7:05 pm
My inexperienced eye thinks there is a horizontal girly nub!

#5 coming July 2015 ?

No dots!

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14-Mar-12 7:15 pm

 thinking girl! gl!


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14-Mar-12 7:26 pm


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14-Mar-12 7:38 pm

 Also thinking girl but I am pretty new at this...

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14-Mar-12 7:47 pm
Leaning girl...!

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14-Mar-12 8:13 pm
Also leaning girl

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14-Mar-12 8:13 pm



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14-Mar-12 8:15 pm

leaning pink

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14-Mar-12 8:49 pm
Also thinking girl! Congrats!
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15-Mar-12 1:37 am

I think it looks like a Girl Nub. were you exactly 12 weeks or were you closer to 13 weeks? If your closer to 13 weeks its 90% accurate however if your closer to 12 weeks it  still has some time to rise.

Please update us when you know

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15-Mar-12 4:05 am

Nub shot: maybe girl, but wouldnt be shocked if this nub looks boyish in a weeks time... the tip is somewhat full.

Potty shot 50/50.


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15-Mar-12 4:11 am
i think girl too, please guess on mine?x



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15-Mar-12 4:42 am
guessing girl , congrats on ur pregnancy
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