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BFP! But cautiously joining this time


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13-Apr-12 8:57 pm
Well girls. I went for my u/s at 7 1/2 wks on April 2. The baby measured 6 wks 1 day, no heartbeat. the doc said he was pretty sure Id miscarry but we will wait another week to see if there had been growth. That week was excruciating. The waiting, the hoping, the thinking that maybe I Od much later? April 9 confirmed my this is m/c #4 in 8 months. I just dont understand. how much more can I take? I had progesterone on board, thinking that was the problem. Back in Dec I had a +ANA result, but the doc cuoldnt really explain it and didnt think it bore much significance since I tested neg for Lupus. But seriously.......who has 4 m/cs in a row especially after having 4 healthy babes no problem? I am desperate for an answer!! He says the next plan of action is Heparin. I am beginning to lose hope, like I am not supposed to have another baby. Meanwhile. I am just spending my days processing it all and waiting for ny body to recognize the loss. I dont want another D&C!! anyone out there have a similiar experience?!

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